Festival in Mariachi in 2021

As fans know, a mariachi group needs to be seen and heard live to be fully appreciated! The Mariachi Conference in Tucson includes a music festival with three public concerts, which are held during the week under the guidance of masters of music and folklore mariachi dance.

On Saturday morning, a traditional mariachi mass with live music and dance is open for all comers. These performances are big and choreographic: the musicians in big sombreros and ornate charro costumes (riders) perform together with twisting folklore groups (folk dances) in flowers and traditional embroidered dresses. The soulful harmonies, bright strings and bold sounds of brass are sometimes refracted by Mexican grito, the most cult sound in Latin music!

Mexico kicks off International Mariachi Festival

Mariachi USA festival is a Mexican folk music, which has been held for over three decades. Every year it attracts thousands of Mariachi fans.
The festival is held in the amphitheater “Hollywood Bowl”, which is located in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. It is an old place, which began to function in 1922 and is considered the best place for playing live music in North America.

Over the years, Mariachi USA has become the largest and most attractive Mariachi festival in the United States. The festival is designed to give artistic expression to the traditions of Mariachi, while sharing the audience with a wonderful celebration of rich musical traditions.

Spectators celebrate Mexican musical tradition, nostalgia and history. It is not only a concert, but also an annual meeting of Mexican Americans, who proudly pass on this tradition to the younger generation.

The festival program, venue, information about the artists, time of performance, how to get there, parking, etc. can be found on the festival website by clicking on the link. See details below, in the section “Information about events”.

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